FlyCarolina Charter

FlyCarolina has been providing charter solutions in Charlotte for nearly twenty years. We are a professional FAA certified Air Carrier providing safe, affordable, and reliable Jet and propeller charter services throughout the United States. Our pilots and staff are highly trained and experienced aviation professionals that work closely with you the client to ensure comfortable, convenient and hassle free private air travel. Our goal is to help you obtain greater work-life balance, increase productivity and enjoy more face-time with family, friends and business associates.

Why Charter with FlyCarolina?

  • Convenient. Charter flights on your schedule to the airport closest to your destination.
  • Variety. One type of aircraft does not meet all needs. We strategically offer different types of charter aircraft to best suit your mission profile making private air travel more affordable.
  • Safety. Highly trained professional pilots, extremely well maintained state of the art aircraft.
  • Availability. We provide 24/7 air charter service including last minute unplanned travel of passenger and cargo.
  • Emergency Transport. We can be airborne with your Emgergency Cargo or Emergency Transport within an hour of your call. Contact 704-201-1500 for inquiries and reservations.
  • Exceptional Service. Our staff will passionately assist with all aspects of your travel itinerary including planning, ground transportation, catering and meeting space. No detail is too small!

For Questions or Help Booking

For questions about chartering with FlyCarolina, contact:

Chris Sanchez