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Price are depending on the condition of the airplane and Avionics.
BaseResourceDefault Hourly RateHour minimum per day
JQFCutlass N6200R$98 (dry)1.5
EQYSkyhawk N706DA$133 (wet)1.5
EQYBaron BE55 N550LE$428 (wet)1.5
UZASkyhawk N739RZ$125 (wet)1.5
UZASR22 N702FC$248 (wet)1.5
JQFPiper Lance N4692F$278 (wet)1.5
JQFPiper Aztec N14028$428 (wet)1.5
JQFCirrus SR22 N88WF (2012)$268 (dry)1.5

For those aircraft on wet rates, members who fuel elsewhere on their trips are credited their account the cost of fuel at the aircraft base location.

Example: You take Piper Aztec N14028 which is based at JQF on a trip to Wilmington and you fuel 50 gallons at Wilmington. You're account will be credited 50 gallons x JQF avgas fuel price.

  • * JQF Skyhawk is Between 69 and 75 dry
  • * EQY Skyhawks is between 120 and 133